Monday 6/4

This morning I woke up late for breakfast, again (who wakes up before 9:30 if they don’t have to?).  I ate some pumpkin bread I snagged from d-hall last night while I made the unfortunate decision to call hp tech support about my dvd drive which is broken.  Two hours later, a very nice indian woman was still baffled about how to fix my computer so they decided to send me a new dvd drive.  So hopefully after all that hooplah I will finally be able to watch movies on my computer.  When that was over, I went to the lab where I cleaned even more of the lovely rat cages.  But as of today, 32 of them are all clean, which is a full room!!!!! That means tomorrow we will be able to put the BTBR mice into the running wheels.  My lead-treated mice are still too young to go into the wheels, so as a secondary experiment (and to learn how to use the circadian rhythm programs) I will be testing the circadian rhythms of BTBR mice, a strain which is used as a relatively new model for autism.  I can’t wait to learn the techniques for studying circadian rhythms! Hopefully I’ll learn a lot more tomorrow, I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for reading!


About kararode

Hey! I'm Kara, and I am creating this blog as a sort-of diary to keep track of my summer research experience at Skidmore College. It is such a great opportunity and I don't want to forget a single bit of it! Feel free to read and take a peek at what it's like to be me, working in the laboratory as a "real" research scientist :)

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