Thursday 6/7

I woke up this morning to the sound of a fire alarm.  I momentarily freaked out a bit and almost got up, only to realize that it was in another building.  The construction that they’re doing on Starbuck Center is making some fire alarms go off every five minutes.  It’s so annoying.  After a fragmented sleepy morning, I finally got up and started to order articles on the interlibrary loan.  After a few short troubles, I finally got all the articles I want to read.

Once that was done, I decided that today would be errand day.  Last night I put my dvd drive into my computer and fixed it (Yay!!).  So today I had to return the old one via FedEx.  I went to FedEx and bought tickets for a show that Cody and I are seeing tomorrow night as part of ArtsFest Weekend (More details on that later).  Then I had to start on the most dreaded thing ever….cleaning more rat cages.

I went into the lab and checked the food and water of the lead mice.  Once that was all filled up, I looked at the progress of the wheel runners.  One wheel was not recording any data, and I eventually had to fiddle around with it a bit to fix it.  But it’s all better now.  Then I had to face the inevitable…..I started to clean the rat cages.  I cleaned a full rack, and then I had enough.  I can’t wait to do the same tomorrow.

After all that smelly work, I decided to reward myself.  I took a relaxing trip to the mall, in which I ended up buying a dress for my date with Cody tomorrow night on a whim.

Here it is! I’m so excited for our date tomorrow!

So that was my day!  Thanks for reading!!


About kararode

Hey! I'm Kara, and I am creating this blog as a sort-of diary to keep track of my summer research experience at Skidmore College. It is such a great opportunity and I don't want to forget a single bit of it! Feel free to read and take a peek at what it's like to be me, working in the laboratory as a "real" research scientist :)

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