Friday 6/8

Today I was expecting to wash a lot of rat cages, but I got a break!  Hooray for Fridays!

Turns out another person working in the lab needed to use the washroom, so I only had time to clean one rat cage.  Then Bernie told me to just use the rest of today to read some journal articles.  I couldn’t argue with that!  So I figured I would make the most of this beautiful day by reading outside.  I grabbed a blanket, some Snapple Apple, water, chocolate covered pretzels, dried cranberries, sunscreen, a notebook, and a smattering of journal articles to read and headed over to the pond.  I set up camp and got to reading.

What a beautiful setting to get some work done in!

Unfortunately it started sprinkling a little so I went back inside.  But at least it gave me some time to write this post!  It looks like it will blow over soon so hopefully I’ll go back outside while I wait for Cody to get here.

Tonight Cody and I are going to a movie/concert sponsored by Saratoga Arts.  They will be showing the film “Johnny Cash: At Folsom Prison” and then a Johnny Cash tribute artist will perform.  It sounds like it will be a great time for Johnny Cash fans like Cody and I!

I can’t wait for tonight!

It turns out, as my mom pointed out, I will be honoring the “man in black” by wearing my new dress.  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and post them tomorrow.  I’m so glad that Saratoga Springs has so many great shows and performances to go to this summer, it’s a great place to be!

Until Cody gets here, I’ve got to get back to reading some journal articles (and listening to Johnny Cash on my iPod!).  Maybe I’ll go back outside as it looks like the rain has passed.  Thanks for reading!


About kararode

Hey! I'm Kara, and I am creating this blog as a sort-of diary to keep track of my summer research experience at Skidmore College. It is such a great opportunity and I don't want to forget a single bit of it! Feel free to read and take a peek at what it's like to be me, working in the laboratory as a "real" research scientist :)

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