Friday 6/15

This morning I woke up in my bed at home but I thought I was at school.  I was disoriented for a bit, and then I woke up some more and figured it out.  It’s nice being home for a while.

After I woke up I went to Cody’s house for a while, and then we went to a ceremony for his Latin class and Gloversville Latin Alumni.  It was nice seeing everyone still in high school, and Cody won a really nice award.

Here’s Mr. G giving Cody his award. Congrats Co!

I was really glad I got to go back to the high school because I got to see my two favorite teachers, Alison Siragusa and Kate Brown.  It was really nice talking to my old science teachers.

After the awards ceremony I went to my grandma’s house and took her on some errands, and then we went to Burger King (again) for dinner.  I still haven’t ordered that bacon sundae!

Later, I went home and my mom and I decided to visit my cousin Amy and her 10-month old daughter, Khloe.  We had a lot of fun playing with Khloe, even though she was a bit cranky at first.  She had a giraffe stuffed animal and I taught her to kiss it on the nose.  Khloe is so adorable!

So cute!

And that about wraps up my day.  Cody is at his track banquet, so I have myself a date with some peanut butter pandemonium ice cream! Thanks for reading!


About kararode

Hey! I'm Kara, and I am creating this blog as a sort-of diary to keep track of my summer research experience at Skidmore College. It is such a great opportunity and I don't want to forget a single bit of it! Feel free to read and take a peek at what it's like to be me, working in the laboratory as a "real" research scientist :)

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