Tuesday 6/26

Today was a pretty normal day, despite the far from normal weather.  It was chilly out today, at least compared with the weather we have been used to having.  I woke up in time for breakfast, which I guess was a bit unusual, but that’s about it.

After breakfast I went to the lab and started analyzing the data.  I analyzed the lead LD data and the BTBR DD data.  It ended up taking pretty much all day.  I took breaks for lunch and dinner, and I eventually finished it all.  All the actograms were printed and the statistics were analyzed.  We decided to put the BTBRs in LL, so technically I won’t be completely done with that experiment for at least another 10 days.

So for the rest of the week I’ll just be working on posters and such.  And trying to find a quiet place to work on campus.  There are a bunch of kids on campus for a variety of camps hosted on campus.  So hopefully I will be able to work somewhere that isn’t my room or the lab without a lot of noise and distraction.  That’s all for today, thanks for reading!


About kararode

Hey! I'm Kara, and I am creating this blog as a sort-of diary to keep track of my summer research experience at Skidmore College. It is such a great opportunity and I don't want to forget a single bit of it! Feel free to read and take a peek at what it's like to be me, working in the laboratory as a "real" research scientist :)

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